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Featuring the most comprehensive inventory of stock items in the industry!


  • Sizes 1/8” to 60”
  • All Configurations
  • Ends, Available, But Not Limited To:
    • Solvent Weld Bell
    • Gasket Bell
    • Flanged
    • Plain End
  • Dual Containment
  • Structures & Headers
  • Sweep (Conduit Style) Bends
  • Valves
  • Full Fiberglass Shop For Fitting Reinforcement
  • Pipe Perforation

We perforate any pipe to any pattern!

Custom Pipe Fittings


  • PIP
  • Surface
  • IPS
  • C900 / C905
  • Profile Pipe (Corrugated PVC)
    • Including Every Brand & Size Presently Made
    • Open / Closed Profile
  • HDPE


  • SCH40-SCH80
  • SCH80 CPVC
  • SCH40 DWV
  • SDR21 Gasket
  • C900 Gasket

Why choose Specified Fittings

Specified Fittings was established in 1997 and produces one of the most complete lines of HDPE/PVC fittings in the industry. We are the only company in North America that produces HDPE/PVC fittings in both Corrugated and Solid Wall. Specifically, in HDPE, we have you covered with Solid Wall from 3/4” to 63”. Of special note is the fact that our exclusive line of HDPE Solid Wall products are FM Approved.

Because we are a manufacturing company, we have extraordinary flexibility in what we can produce, whether it be a “one off” fitting or 1000 fittings. We can also custom build fittings to your individual specifications. Just give us a drawing or dimensions and we can fabricate a fitting that will meet your exact requirements. It is no mistake we are known as the “We Can Do It” company by our customers.

In addition to our own products, we offer a broad-based commodity line including injection-molded sewer, C900, SDR21 Gasketed, SCH40|80|80CPVC, and PVC DWV.

At Specified Fittings, we strive to provide fast and efficient service to our customers. We have two factories producing parts 24 hours a day, located in Bellingham, Washington and Stevensville, Montana. Furthermore, we distribute parts from our factory locations as well as seven strategically located regional warehouses throughout the country. We have a comprehensive set of illustrated catalogs available on CD or downloadable from our site. We designed our catalogs with customer needs in mind. If you are trying to estimate costs or research a project, you will appreciate our attention to detail. We provide helpful information on sizes and availability along with useful technical information. If you need further assistance or prefer to talk to a helpful professional, please contact our friendly customer service staff. We are available Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST at our Washington factory (360-398-7700) or 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST at our Montana factory (406-777-3466).

So why should you do business with Specified Fittings? You get all of the aforementioned plus the convenience and support of a one-stop purchasing resource.

Call us today for a comprehensive quote and put us to work on your next project or purchase.

C9004” - 48”DR51 - DR14Gasketed, Solvent Weld, Flanged
Gated - Surface6” - 12”SDR102Gasketed, Solvent Weld
HDPE3/4” - 63”SDR6.3 - SDR32.5Butt Fusion, Socket Fusion, Electrofusion, Flanged
PIP6” - 48” SDR102 - SDR21Gasketed, Solvent Weld, Flanged
Metric Sized Fittings6mm - 1500mmPressure & Non-PressureGasketed, Solvent Weld, Flanged
IPS1/8” - 24” SCH40-80-120 PVC / SCH40-80 Clear PVC
Gasketed, Solvent Weld, Flanged
IPS1/8” - 24” SDR102 - SDR21Gasketed, Solvent Weld, Flanged
PVDF1-1/2” - 16”SR45 - SR150Butt Fusion Welded, Flanged
Valves1/8” - 24”SCH40-80 - PIP - C900 - SDR35 - ProleGasketed, Solvent Weld, Flanged

Open Mon-Fri: PVC – 6AM to 5PM PST (360) 398-7700 &

HDPE – 6AM to 5PM (MST) (406) 777-3466

Washington Location
164 West Smith Rd.
Bellingham, WA 98226
Phone: (360) 398-7700
Fax: (360) 398-7051

Montana Location
483 Stevensville Airport Road
Stevensville, MT 59870
Phone: (406) 777-3466
Fax: (406) 777-7181