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Recently, Specified Fittings has increased our production of a particular industry niche, Mining Duct (or “PVCVent Duct”). These fittings (picture above) were built for Specified’s customer, DFS West, as an alternative to corrugated duct.

The advantages:

  • Considerably lower friction factor  (K factor 7.5)  compared to that of Corrugated Duct (50+)

  • Ability to reduce the diameter (36″ compared to Corrugated Duct’s 42″)

  • Increased efficiency level of 66% using the same sized fan (75HP)

  • Use of smaller headings

  • Increased Air Flow

  • Healthier work environment

  • Better safety

  • More reusable and cleaner air

  • More cost effective

  • Valid infrastructure investment

  • Corrosion resistance against highly acidic mine water

  • and most importantly: the reduction in carbon emissions!

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