Specified Fittings/Harco Fittings lost a valuable asset to the team this year. On January 17, 2021, Keith Conway, a long-time employee, passed away suddenly.

2011 ushered in a new Specified Fittings location in Stevensville, MT; along with it, came Keith Conway—a quick-witted and knowledgeable man with experience in project managing as well as the steel and industrial fields. He spearheaded the office procedures and swiftly learned the ropes of the HDPE trade with gusto. Over the last ten years, his vibrant personality and vast expertise charmed fellow colleagues and customers alike. Keith and another workmate coined the phrase, “There’s no crying in HDPE!” It was, therefore, a tragedy to learn of his sudden passing on January 17th, 2021.

Keith will be missed for his dedication to our customers, his love of his job, his fellowship with his workmates who he valued as friends, his passion for life, and most importantly, his ability to entertain us with his sense of humor.