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If a pipe system you oversaw ever had a major leak, the cause was likely a poorly constructed or installed pipe fitting. With greater complexity than a length of pipe, pipe fittings must still bear the weight, friction, temperature fluctuations, and other forms of wear and tear that the rest of the pipeline is exposed to. Universally, the first parts to lose integrity are the seams, so we have done away with seams. Here are the results.

  • Our one-piece gasketed elbows experience 25% less flow loss than mitered elbows. 
  • The lack of seams allows each piece to expand and contract due to temperature without sustaining damage
  • Even without separate pieces, our elbows can have 1-1/2° of deflection per bell.
  • Made of 100% PVC, our PVC pipe fittings are non-corrosive, unlike ductile iron and steel.

It may be easier to miter elbow fittings piece by piece, but we recognize the value of a single piece unit. No soldering, no welding, just one hardy gasketed elbow, solid end to end.

Our one-piece gasketed elbows are available from 6″ to 48″ in diameter, and up to a 45° angle, available at 1° increments. Request your custom one-piece fittings in PIP, IPS, C-900, C-905, or standardized sewer pipe sizes. Specified Fittings constructs gaskets out of SBR, Nitrile, and EPDM.

Please reach out to us to inquire about custom-made one-piece pipe fittings for your next project. Need Drawings? Contact our CAD Department:

Brad Sukolsky: bsukolsky@harcofittings.com

Derek Eirish: deirish@harcofittings.com

Already know what you need? Get in touch.

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