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Specified Fittings uses a process in which we pull a hole through the wall of the mainline pipe. This method leaves a lip that is then fused using standard butt fusion procedures to the proper sized outlet pipe. Specified Fittings offers any size from 6″x4″ through 63″x48″.

What Are the Benefits of Pulled Tees?


    Outlets are put on with a true butt fusion joint, not sidewall fused.  Joint quality is much better than a sidewall fuse. No sidewall fusion = Better Quality!

    Smooth, radius transition on the ID from the main to the outlet pipe.

    Save time and space in the field—fewer field fusions and shorter lay lengths.

    Available with mainlines up to 63″ and outlets to 48″.

    Cost savings! No need to use size on size tees and reducers for large diameter reducing tees.

    We fabricate them in IPS and DIPS in all DRs. They are AWWA C906 compliant and are available with Factory Mutal (FM) certification upon request.

Contact our HDPE department for more information on Pulled Tees or any of our other efficient fittings:

(406) 777-3466, or email HDPE Sales at hdpesales@specfit.com for more information.

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