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Some of those in the mining business are comfortable with traditional corrugated steel ducts, but PVC is a safer, more cost-effective alternative that deserves a second look. Next time you repair your underground mining duct, consider the newer, more efficient alternative.

4 large PVC mining vents custom made at Specified Fittings

Increased Efficiency

Hooking up the same 75HP fan to two different pipes will get very different results. Put to the test, PVC air vents move 66% more air than steel corrugated duct.

Minimal Pressure Loss

Corrugated duct is rated with a significant friction factor, usually K factor 50 or more. Our lighter, more flexible PVC duct is rated K factor 7.5, meaning the pressure loss is negligible over long stretches of pipe. Maintaining pressure is critical to providing clean air underground.

Space-Saving Capability

Traditional steel mining ducts are 42″ in diameter, making installation tricky. Our PVC pipes get the job done better, and are only 36″ thick. It may not sound like much, but this change will save you many headaches later on.

Corrosion Resistance

After 15 years of exposure to acidic underground water, the strongest steel pipes give in to corrosion. See an explanation of factors contributing to steel corrosion. Some last as long as 50 years, but any steel exposed to acid will deteriorate rapidly, leading to costly repairs. Instead of replacing your pipes over and over again, choose acid-resistant PVC.

The Bottom Line

No matter how you look at it, PVC mining pipe uses less space to move more air. This means safer, cleaner air and a healthier work environment. See more information on our specialty mining duct solutions, or contact us for a quote.

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