In the constant battle between ductile iron and PVC, simple truths are sometimes forgotten in the fog of war. We would like to take a moment to remind all of the following:

PVC Pipe [Fittings]: Unsurpassed Longevity and Sustainability
  • PVC pipe [fittings’] life expectancy is 100+ years (AAWARF study).
  • PVC pipe [fittings’] long life results in the most favorable life cycle-costs.
  • PVC requires less energy to manufacture, ship, and install than iron products.
  • PVC has a smooth inner suface that reduces pumping costs.
  • PVC is immune to internal corrosion, so no liners are needed to maintain water quality and flow characteristics.
  • PVC is immune to external corrosion, so no coatings, plastic encasement[s], or cathodic protection[s] are needed.
  • PVC is recyclable.


Source: Uni-Bell Resources PVC vs. DI New2013