In July 2017, Specified Fittings had the privilege of being featured in a Domestic Manufacturing series of Global Business North America Magazine, examining the perks of purchasing domestically manufactured plastic pipe fittings rather than having equivalent parts shipped overseas. We typically rely on word-of-mouth in the plastic pipe fittings world, so this amplification of our services and offerings to the plastic pipe manufacturing industry was a real treat. See the Domestic Manufacturing article below.

Written by Lisa Barry, Senior Editor of Global Business Magazine

Specified Fittings is about to get “crazy.” That’s according to Executive Vice President, Kevin Hawkins. The “crazy” Hawkins is referring to is the good kind of crazy that every company longs for: a success-driven crazy that results in growth and expansion.

Specified Fittings is a leader in the pipe fittings industry and based out of the Pacific Northwest. With headquarters in Bellingham, Washington, and a second location in Stevensville, Montana – the company has a long history and a global customer base. Since the company launched in 1996, they have seen their fair share of changes. They have grown, added locations, built warehouses, changed management, and changed back again. Today, one of their original founders, Tom Franzen, is back in the driver’s seat and the company is on its way to big growth and exciting new developments.

“In the history of our company, we’ve been known to jump on new products…and on new materials,” said Technical Director and industry expert Brad Sukolsky. “We’re innovative in a way that I think is pretty special. We don’t shy away from new methods or product designs.” The company’s willingness to explore new technologies, products and processes in their infancy is largely what has fueled them to the success Specified Fittings has already realized over the last 20-plus years.

“When they created this company, they were geniuses who could think outside the box,” Hawkins said.

The problems the company solves are all related to flow. They solve water flow problems, sewer flow problems, oil flow problems, or any flow problem that requires a pipe to fix. [Read the full article on the original site.]