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Also known as a “swage” reducer, these fittings have become “regulars” here at Specified Fittings. They offer many advantages for a myriad of situations.

  • All made from pipe, so there are no voids from sheet or billet material that can’t be seen until it is pressure tested.

  • Better flow because we use pipe to reduce down instead of sheet material.

  • Our eccentric reducers have even better flow characteristics if that’s a concern.

  • Simplicity in manufacturing means shorter lead times for you!

  • Our swedge reducers are always fully rated, so there are no flow restrictions.

  • These are available up to 63″, built both concentrically and eccentrically.

  • We fabricate them in IPS and DIPS in all DRs. They are AWWA C906 compliant and are available with Factory Mutal (FM) certification upon request.

  • We recently added to our résumé the ability to build 48″x42″, 42″x36″ and 36″x30″ one-piece eccentric reducers.  These particular models have great flow characteristics!

Contact our HDPE department for more information on Swedge style reducers or any of our other efficient fittings:

(406)777-3466, or email HDPE Sales at hdpesales@specfit.com for more information.

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