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One-Piece Gasketed Elbows

Available in 6″-48″ and up to 45° angles, Specified Fittings offers these fabricated wonders in PIP, IPS, Sewer, and C-900/905!

What people love about our 1-Piece Elbows:

  • Friction flow loss through a 1-Piece Elbow is 25% less than with a mitered elbow.

  • 1-Piece Elbows are available in single-degree increments (1°, 2°, 3°, etc.)

  • Gasketed fittings allow for thermal expansion and/or contraction.

  • Gasketed fittings allow for 1-1/2° of deflection per bell.

  • Specified Fittings offers SBR, Nitrile, and EPDM gasket materials.

  • When PVC fittings are used with PVC pipe (instead of Ductile Iron or Steel) the entire system is non-corrosive.

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Need Drawings? Contact our CAD Department:
Brad Sukolsky (bsukolsky@specfit.com)
Derek Eirish (deirish@specfit.com)

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