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Outside Representatives

Below are our outside representatives listed by territory.


Active Sales Northwest, Inc.
Steve Klopp and Dan Klopp
Industry: Ag/Turf
Territories: WA, OR, BC-CAN, AB-CAN

Independent Rep Services
Tom Flor
Industry: Municipal
Territories: WA, OR, BC-CAN

BD Sales
Bill Rawlings
Industry: Ag/Turf, Municipal, Industrial
Territories: ID (sans Ag/Turf for Twin Falls), MT (sans Municipal), WY (sans Municipal), MB-CAN, SK-CAN

Mike Jones Sales
Mike Jones
Industry: Ag/Turf
Territories: ID (Twin Falls only), NV, UT, CO (I-25 West)

Yellowstone Waterworks
Cavin Noddings
Industry: Municipal
Territories: MT, WY

DOT Sales
John Orkish & Rick Rodriguez
Industry: Ag,Turf
Territories: CA

Dan Ewart Sales
Dan Ewart
Industry: Municipal
Territories: CA, NV


Ardent Sales
Lucy Hernandez-Dayton
Industry: Complete Line, Export
Territories: Mexico


Ace Irrigation
Mike Thomas
Industry: Ag/Turf
Territories: ND, SD, NE, KS (I-70 North), CO (I-25 East)

Eaton Mechanical Sales
Howard Derdiger
Industry: Ag/Turf, Municipal
Territories: IL

CPM Group
Landon Wallace
Industry: Municipal
Territories: ND, SD, MN, WI, Upper Peninsula MI

Rick Ewart Sales
Rick Ewart
Industry: Municipal
Territories: NE, KS, IA, MO

Chris Smith, Ellie DeMay, Rennie Minor & John Miles
Industry: Municipal
Territories: MI, OH, IN, KY, WV


Streamline Sales
Jeremy Schrader
Industry: Ag/Turf, Municipal
Territories: CO, NM

BA Fischer
Troy Burns
Industry: Ag/Turf
Territories: West TX

Chorley Sales
David and Liz Chorley
Industry: Municipal
Territories: AZ

Specified Utility
Robert Nott, Richard Jones, Heather Lockwood
Industry: Municipal
Territories: OK, Northern TX

Jonathan Britton
Industry: Municipal
Territories: South TX, LA, MS


KTM Associates
Tom Switalski
Industry: Municipal
Territories: NY, PA, DE, NJ, CT


FC2 Sales, Inc.
Rob Nelson
Industry: Ag/Turf, Municipal
Territories: TN, AR, MS (Ag/Turf only), LA (Ag/Turf only)

Wager Company of Florida
Frank Hill and Rusty Hill
Industry: Ag/Turf, Municipal
Territories: AL, FL

Ultratech Water Resources
Mike Jenkins
Industry: Ag/Turf/Municipal
Territories: NC, SC, VA

Buchanan Sales
Tim Buchanan
Industry: Municipal
Territories: GA

KBA, Inc.
Kerry Bone
Industry: Industrial
Territories: GA, AL, NC, SC, TN, MS