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Pipe Fittings Solutions


Line Cards

Download and view our line cards and technical documents offline. To view them, you may need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat installed on your Mac or PC.

PVC Solutions

An overview of our products and services in both PVC and HDPE plastics.

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HDPE Solutions

High quality fabricated and molded fittings in IPS, DIPS, Compression, Electrofusion, Socket Fusion, and more.

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Municipal Solutions Line Card

Fabricated fittings available for any size or class of PVC pressure or non-pressure pipe—including profile wall fittings!

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Spec-Loc Solutions Line Card

The most versatile fitting on the market reducing the use of tools, external rods, clamps, bolts and thrust blocks!

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Ag Solutions Line Card

We provide fittings for PIP, Surface, IPS, C900, Profile Pipe (Corrugated PVC—including every brand & size presently made—open/closed Profile), HDPE

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Product Literature

High Deflection Couplings

Available in C-900 OD and made with Rieber gaskets!

Flange Rings

Galvanized, Stainless, and Epoxy Coated available.

Sanded Manhole Adapters

Dare to Go Green!

Smooth-Flow Tees and Wyes

Available in sizes 6″ x 4″ through 63″ x 48″!

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