What else do we do?

We offer a large array of services including, but not limited to:
HDPE Pipe Fitting
Pipe Perforating:

Specified Fittings perforates to your specifications through 63″ diameter.

Plastic tubing

Sweeping: PVC & HDPE

Specified Fittings is one of the only companies to one piece sweep bend PVC through 18” diameter. Presently we also one piece sweep bend HDPE through 24” and HDPE through 20″.

Pipe Fittings

Machine Shop

Specified Fittings has two complete machine shops (Bellingham, Stevensville) that can do a myriad of functions. CNC capability is available at both plants. Whether drilling, machining, shaping, boring, we do it all!

Textured pipes for adhering to concrete

Grinding: PVC & HDPE

Specified Fittings accepts all PVC & HDPE materials that can be ground. Bringing the material to Specified Fittings allows the material be kept out of the landfills and recycled.

Quality Control

Specified Fittings has always prided itself in manufacturing quality products, and our Quality Control Departments in both facilities are vigilant in making sure that any fittings leaving our door with a Specified Fittings label lives up to these high standards.
Datalogger device

We proudly offer Data Logging Services for our fabricated and fused HDPE products! Please contact our HDPE Sales Department for more information.

Need a DataLogger Vault account? Click here.


PVC Quality Process

To ensure the quality of all PVC fittings that come through our plant, Quality Control is active in all aspects of production—from making sure that no defects are present in the raw materials to each fitting being properly labeled for shipment. In between, there is an exhaustive quality control process consisting of:

  • Visual inspections for any defects

  • Physically fit checking bells that pass visual inspection

  • Hydro-pressure tests to make sure our fittings can withstand whatever abuse the end user may throw at it in the field

  • Making sure dimensions and angles are precisely what the fitting requires

  • Making sure fittings that require a gel-coat or fiberglass procedure is carried out

  • And even giving the fittings a good ol’ polish!

If a fitting does not meet our standards for any reason, it is sent back through the entire process until it satisfies our expectations.


HDPE Quality Process

Our HDPE Quality Control consists of several unique processes to ensure our customers receive the highest quality possible:

  • The quality of each fitting begins with Incoming Inspection when our raw materials (pipe, components, etc.) arrive. Any piece not meeting our standards is sent back.

  • Every team member is tasked with inspecting and cleaning their fittings before they bring them to the Quality Department for final inspection.

  • Every fitting that leaves our facility is inspected more than once to our in-house specifications.

  • Every fitting has its own procedure that details the critical dimensions and inspection points necessary for acceptance of each product.

  • Our In-Process Inspector (whom is on the production floor several times per day) inspects wall thickness, manufactured angles, cosmetic issues, fusion, etc. throughout the production process.

  • Every accepted fitting has a quality record proving it was inspected and accepted. The same holds true for our non-conforming rejected products. It is documented and put in QC Hold until a disposition is made.

Contact our HDPE Sales Team for more information: (406) 777-3466

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