The Ag/Turf Community is Important to Us.

That’s why we pride ourselves here at Specified Fittings for providing fabricated and molded products alike to our customers. From sizes 1/8″ to 60″, in all configurations, various ends, custom and standard fittings are our specialty! Need valves? We have you covered. Structures or headers? You got it. Need a stick of pipe perforated? Specified Fittings can do it. We also have a full fiberglass shop for fitting reinforcement. Call us today!

Specified Fittings offers a myriad of gated pipe solutions for the agricultural field. Just ask.
Specified Fittings offers a myriad of gated pipe solutions for the agricultural field. Just ask.
We Provide Fittings For:

PIP, Surface, IPS, C900, Profile Pipe (Corrugated PVC—Including Every Brand & Size Presently Made—Open/Closed Profile), HDPE

Specified Fittings offers the following products (below) to serve our Ag/Turf community. Can’t find what you need? Not a problem. Contact us—we’re sure we can provide you with practical solutions!


Diameter: 2″-48″
Class: SDRs 102, 93.5, 81, 64, 51, 41, 32.5, 26, 21
Configuration: Gasketed, Solvent Weld, Flanged

Short Form Specification

Fittings for Plastic Irrigation Pipe (PIP)
All fittings for PIP-size pipe shall be fabricated from a PVC compound meeting ASTM D1784. Fittings shall be pressure-series 22/43/50/63/80/100/125/160/200 and shall conform to the requirements of SDR 102/93.5/81/64/51/41/32.5/26/21. Solvent weld, gasket-end or flanged fittings are option of user. Solvent weld bells shall be compatible with plastic irrigation pipe (PIP) as stated in ASTM D-2241- Annex. Gasket bells shall conform to ASTM D3139. Gaskets shall conform to ASTM F477.
Gaskets shall be locked-in style.

About our locked-in gaskets
Specified Fittings’ locked-in gasket is quickly and easily joined together by simply inserting the spigot end of the pipe into the bell socket of the fitting. Multi-lip design of the sealing gasket provides a positive seal that is pressure and vacuum tight. Retained ring design discourages fish-mouthing or dislocation of the gasket. Sealing gasket is exceptionally smooth and completely free of core marks. Selection of the correct material to be applied to a sealing system will depend not only on the characteristics of the fluid to be contained but also the properties of the surrounding environment. Gaskets may be made with a variety of different compounds, depending upon the application. Composition of the standard gasket is SBR, but we also offer EPDM, Nitrile, Neoprene, and Viton.



Diameter: 1/8″ – 24″
Class: SDR102 – SDR21
Configuration: Gasketed, Solvent Weld, Flanged

Short Form Specification

All fittings for ¼” through 24” IPS pipe shall be one-piece injections, molded or fabricated from a PVC or HDPE compound that meets the requirements of ASTM D1784. Fittings shall be SDR64/41/32.5/26/21 and conform to the requirements of Class 63/100/125/160/200. Solvent weld or gasket-end fittings are option of user. Gasket bells shall conform to ASTM D3139 with gaskets conforming to ASTM F477. Gaskets shall be locked-in style. All fittings shall be made from NSF-approved material. Some fittings will require fiberglass reinforcement for full pressure applications. Wyes will be de-rated from full pressure rating.


Diameter: 4″-16″
Class: SDR81 (50PSI)
Configuration: Solvent Weld

Short Form Specification

All exhaust duct piping, size 6″ through 24″, shall be PVC seamless extruded type, as manufactured by Harvel Plastics Inc. This duct pipe shall be extruded from a Type I, Grade I Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) compound with a Cell Classification of 12454 per ASTM D1784. All extruded duct pipe shall meet Harvel Plastics Inc. published standards with regard to material and dimensions, and shall carry a maximum temperature rating of 140°F. All extruded duct pipe shall be manufactured in the USA, using domestic materials, by an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer, and shall be stored indoors at the manufacturing site until shipped from the factory. All extruded PVC duct pipe shall be marked with the  manufacturer’s name or identifying symbol.

Certifications and Drawings

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