As stormwater management gains great importance throughout the nation, Specified Fittings is here to help with some of the problems that arise. We manufacture corrosion-resistant, built-to-spec flow control structures— with or without PVC/HDPE shear gates—for manholes and catch basins. These structures, built from HDPE or PVC are the finest replacements for metal equivalents, which are subject to decay or corrosion. Other advantages include:
  • Ease of installation (two guys can manhandle a PVC structure easier than a concrete structure)
  • Structure connections are Water-Tight
Flow control structures may be combined with any of our thousands of other products for achieving a complete solution and a freight prepaid order!
Need plan take-offs where in-line drains, drain basins or curb inlets are needed? Remember Specified Fittings!
Need plan take-offs where in-line drains, drain basins or curb inlets are needed? Remember Specified Fittings!

Our drain department is ready to supply your needs for:

Golf Courses
Parking Lots
Athletic Fields

Sizes ranging from 6″ – 48″ in diameter are supplied with ductile iron frames and grates with patterns that meet the most current government standards. Square hinged and round grates are available as well as a plethora of alternatives including dome locking, solid, and epoxy coated—just to name a few.We’re happy to take your plans and provide a professional take-off and price quote for the basins. They can be provided with connections for profile products produced by:

  • ADS
  • Prinsco
  • Lane
  • Crumpler
  • JM
  • Diamond
  • IPEX
  • Royal
  • Contech
  • generic SDR35, IPS, PIP, and C900

inline general

Need a 48″ Catch Basin with a 6″ Outlet? Never fear! Specified’s here!
  • We build drains and basins in diameters 6″ through 48″ while most competitors stop at 30″.
  • Wide tooling selection allows us to connect to any type of piping and customize any structure.
  • We make ours from SDR35 or Sch40, a thicker/sturdier material than some competitors.
  • Our snout device attached to the inside of a catch basin prevents the outflow of debris or oil.
FLOWHelp! We need a custom structure rather than a basin!

We have you covered! Specified Fittings provides an array of Flow-Control devices equipped with orifices, notches and weirs to control the flow of water into and out of a manhole and allowing for sediment confinement and easy servicing. These structures are often equipped with gates, valves, or clean-outs.

2x3x3-DS-x-Hub-SDR35-Sewer-Downspout-Adapter“Who’ll stop the rain?” ~ John Fogarty

We can certainly contain it with any of our downspout adapters! Whether connecting on the top end to square, rectangular, or round shapes, and adapting to plastic, aluminum or steel material, we have mandrels for all. Downspouts are available in sizes 3″ – 12″ for any material or shape. We are only limited by your imagination! 

Need a submittal?

Our CAD Techs, are glad to assist you with any drawings you may need for your structures--standard or custom.