Specialty and Custom Fittings Solutions

Have you ever been given a complex drawing of a structure or header and thought, Where do I get this? Well, look no further than Specified Fittings. HDPE, PVC, CPVC, or any of our numerous polymer materials from which we build customized headers and structures for every application. Whether built in pieces and shipped to a job site or assembled at our plant and shipped in one piece, we can provide custom pipe fittings to the letter. The size of the structure or header is only limited by the size of pipe available in the marketplace. Give us your plans, and we will give you a quote. Contact us for examples of complex structures we have built over the years!

Yellow Mining Duct
Yellow Mining Duct

Recently, Specified Fittings has increased our production of a particular industry niche, Mining Duct (or “PVCVent Duct”). These fittings were built for Specified’s customer, DFS West, as an alternative to corrugated duct.

The advantages:

  • Considerably lower friction factor  (K factor 7.5)  compared to that of Corrugated Duct (50+)

  • Ability to reduce the diameter (36″ compared to Corrugated Duct’s 42″)

  • Increased efficiency level of 66% using the same sized fan (75HP)

  • Use of smaller headings

  • Increased Air Flow

  • Healthier work environment

  • Better safety

  • More reusable and cleaner air

  • More cost effective

  • Valid infrastructure investment

  • Corrosion resistance against highly acidic mine water

  • and most importantly: the reduction in carbon emissions!

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HDPE Dual Containment

When looking for a source of dual containment piping and fittings—whether of PVC, CPVC, or HDPE, consider Specified Fittings. We can dual contain through 63″ in HDPE and PVC. Any combination or carrier pipe and containment pipe is possible. When you see this material on your take-off, give us a shout!

Certainteed Couplings

We stock and distribute Certainteed couplings: C-900 DR14 4″-12″ in repair and deflection (stop), IPS SDR17 and SDR21 1-1/2″-12″ in repair, stop, and long pattern repair (18″OAL). We ship same day and keep a representative inventory. You may combine these with any other PVC or CPVC products to obtain freight allowance.

Need a submittal?

Our CAD Techs, are glad to assist you with any drawings you may need for your structures--standard or custom.